• Improve and Expand Your Home with Timber Decking

Decking is a fantastic way of getting more from your outdoor areas, expanding your entertaining areas and enhancing the liveability of your home. Aussie Timbers is Nerang and the Gold Coast’s first choice when it comes to quality hardwood, Merbau and decking timber. With a practical advice from our knowledgeable team and our great selection of strong, versatile and attractive timber, you’ll be able to create an amazing outdoor entertaining area in no time at all. If you would like more information on what timber would be best for your new project, just contact the friendly team at Aussie Timbers today.

The Benefits of Decking

Affordable, fast and easy – a deck can give your family more room to move and a better way to make the most of your outdoor areas. Throughout the Gold Coast, many families and businesses are choosing to install decking as a way of improving and enhancing their gardens and backyards. Decking is easy to clean, stable underfoot, versatile and environmentally friendly. Able to be used as a dining area, an entertaining space or a children’s play area, you’ll find the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Putting in decking is a great addition to any home or business!

Choose from Our Range of Quality Decking Timber

At Aussie Timbers, we take pride in providing all of our valued customers with only the very best Australian wood. Tough, beautiful and hard wearing, our timber decking products will stand up to even the harshest weather conditions. You can choose to build a great deck from hardwood, Merbau timber or any one of our magnificent timber products.

  • Merbau/Kwila
  • Spotted Gum, River Red Gum
  • Mixed Hardwood, Red Ironbark
  • Black Butt, Jarrah
  • Pacific Jarrah
  • Treated Pine Select and Standard grades
  • Available in 140, 90, 86, 70, 64, 42 x 19 mm depending on species

Putting in a deck is a quick, affordable and easy way to expand your home and make the most of your outdoor areas. For quality timber decking in Nerang, contact us today.



All prices include GST
Subject to availability



90 x 22 Std Grade H3 ripple bottom decking $2.95 /lm
90 x 22 Select Grade DPR H3 $3.95 /lm
140 x 22  Std Grade DPR H3  $5.95 /ml
Hardwood Imported


Merbau/Kwila DPR Select Grade (Imported)

42 x 19 $3.95/lm
70 x 19 $4.95/lm
90 x 19 $6.45/lm  & $6.95/lm Set length
140 x 19 $10.50/lm
140 x 25 $14.35/lm


Hopia DPR Select Grade (Imported)

90 x 19 $N/A
140 x 19 $N/A


Pacific Jarrah DPR Select Grade (Imported)

90 x 19 $N/A
140 x 19 $N/A
Hardwood Australian


Spotted Gum DPR Std & Better Grade

42 x 19 $3.50/lm
64 x 19 $5.05/lm
86 x 19 $7.35/lm
136 x 19 $12.50/lm
42 x 42 $9.75/lm


Australian Jarrah DPR Std & Better Grade

86 x 19 $6.95/lm


Mixed Hwd

42 x 35

86 x 19



136 x 19 $12.50/lm
 Iron bark, Red gum, Black Butt and many other Australia species available on request.


Tongue & Groove Flooring

85 x 19 Cypress $4.50/lm
85 x 19 Merbau Select $8.80/lm
80 x 19 Mixed Hwd Std & Bet $7.15/lm
80 x 19 Black Butt Select $8.70/lm
Many more species available on request.


3.6 x .900 x .19mm Particle Board Flooring $50.00/Sheet



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