Build It Better with Our Pine Timber Supply Company on the Gold Coast

From a cubby house to a first home, a garden shed to a park bench, pine has long been a favourite building material. Renowned for its versatility, strength and beauty, pine timber will allow you to craft everything from
the structural components of a house to a fantastic fence.

For a reputable, reliable and affordable pine timber supply company, look no further than Aussie Timbers on the Gold Coast. Since the late 1980s, we have forged a reputation for always providing the very best quality timber at unbeatable prices. If you would like to know more about our great range of products, contact us today. We can supply everything from decking timber to tongue and groove flooring, hardwood to Merbau timber.

The Benefits of Building with Pine

Pine is an affordable option for both professional builders and landscapers and amateur do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Well-known for its ease of use, pine is a fabulous timber for cutting, shaping or drilling. Treated pine is resistant to decay, rot and a large number of pests, making it an excellent choice when durability is a factor. On top of all of this, pine is also the environmentally friendly choice. Most pine comes from totally renewable pine plantations, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a responsible choice.

Discover Our Range of Pine Products

You can choose from a number of products at Aussie Timbers, including:      large supply of pine

  • Sawn CCA H3 treated hoop pine
  • Sawn 100 x 100 H4 CCA treated
  • F5 and F7 H3 CCA treated rougher header machined
  • Decking and D.A.R H3 treated
  • Framing and Battens
  • D.A.R boards

Get a great deal on timber products from our pine timber supply company on the Gold Coast. Contact us to find out more.






All prices include GST
Subject to availability

Sawn KD W.A.T

50 x 25 H3 CCA $1.65/lm
75 x 25 H3 CCA $1.85/lm
100 x 25 H3 CCA $2.20/lm
150 x 25 H3 CCA $2.95/lm
200 x 25 H3 CCA $POA
75 x 38 H3 CCA $2.50/lm
100 x 38 H3 CCA $3.25/lm
150 x 38 H3 CCA $5.35/lm
200 x 38 H3 CCA $POA
75 x 50 H3 CCA $POA
100 x 50 H3 CCA $POA
150 x 50 H3 CCA $POA
200 x 50 H3 CCA $POA
250 x 50 H3 CCA $POA
100 x 100 H4 CCA $15.00/lm


Rough Header KD D.A.T F7/MGP 10

45 x 35 H3 CCA $3.30/lm
70 x 35 F5

70 x 35

70 x 35







90 x 35

90 x 35





140 x 35 H3 CCA $6.50/lm
190 x 35 H3 CCA $9.95/lm
70 x 45 H3 CCA $4.50/lm
90 x 45 H3 CCA $6.50/lm
140 x 45 H3 CCA $8.50/lm
190 x 45 H3 CCA $11.50/lm
240 x 45 H3 CCA $19.50/lm
90 x 90 H4 CCA $19.50/lm

CYPRESS PINE Special order product $POA

200 x 200 $120.00 /lm

150 x 150 $55.00 /lm

125 x 125 $35.00 /lm

200 x 50 $20.00 /lm


Clear Dressed Pine
All prices include GST
Subject to availability


Untreated Pine

66 x 11 FJ Splayed $7.00 /5.4
66 x 11 FJ Bullnose $7.00 /5.4
66 x 11 Bullnose $3.00 /3.0


64 x 19 N/A
89 x 19 N/A
140 x 19 N/A
184 x 19 N/A
235 x 19 $13.50 /1.2
$26.35 /2.4
286 x 19 $16.00 /1.2
$24.00 /1.8
89 x 30 $7.00 /1.2
140 x 30 $11.00 /1.2