The Leading Hardwood Suppliers on the Gold Coast

No matter what you need to build, Aussie Timbers can make sure you have the very best materials to work it with. As one of the leading hardwood suppliers on the Gold Coast, we are your first and best choice when seeking out affordable, top quality timber.

One of the most popular woods we stock is, of course, Australian hardwood. Australia is lucky and unique in that it has a huge supply of native species available. Perfect for when you need to build a sturdy structure that will stand up to the test of time, hardwood is durable, attractive and since it is usually sourced from plantations, completely renewable. This makes it a great choice for the environmentally conscious builder! For more details on our timber range, please speak to one of our friendly team today.

A Huge Range of Uses

Well known for its versatility as well as its strength, Australian hardwood has a range of uses. From joists to flooring, roof beams to decking, hardwood is a great option for almost any type of building work. Aussie Timbers has long been one of the preferred hardwood suppliers on the Gold Coast for both do-it-yourself builders and professional tradies. We can provide you with a great selection of hardwood timber at trade prices.

The Very Best All Aussie Hardwood

Aussie Timbers presents you with a great selection of top quality Australian hardwood. Speak to our timber suppliers today for quality timber like:

  • Sawn F14 and F17
  • Sawn and D.A.R posts
  • D F17 and F27
  • Sawn battens

If you want to build it to last, then speak to our expert hardwood suppliers on the Gold Coast. Please feel free to contact us today for more information on our great range of quality timber products.



All prices include GST
Subject to availability


Unseasoned Durability 1 & 2

50 x 25 $3.85/lm
100 x 25 $5.35/lm
150 x 25 $9.35 /lm
75 x 38 $7.25/lm
100 x 38 $10.50/lm
150 x 38 $12.85/lm
200 x 38 POA
 250 x 38  $32.50 /lm
75 x 50 $9.90/lm
100 x 50 $11.90/lm
125 x 50 $15,90/lm
150 x 50 $17.90/lm
200 x 50 $26.50/lm
250 x 50 $50.00 /lm
100 x 75 $30.00/lm
125 x 75 $35.00/lm
150 x 75 $40.00/lm
200 x 75 $55.00/lm
250 x 75 POA
100 x 100 $41.50/lm
125 x 125 POA
150 x 150 POA
200 x 200 POA




planks of hardwood