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Weather board H3 treated 150mm & 200mm
Weather board Western Red Cedar
Chamfer Board 127 cover H3 treated


Your Cladding & Lining Specialists

Since the late 1980s, Aussie Timbers has been the cladding & lining suppliers of choice for professionals and amateur builders alike. Rob and Sarah Willems took over the business in 2003 and have seen it grow from strength to strength ever since. By maintaining the original owner’s commitment to quality products, low prices and excellent customer service, Rob and Sarah have proven that Aussie Timbers is the team when you need to build it better. If you’re unsure of exactly what the best timber is for your needs, our experts will be more than happy to provide specialist advice.

Contact Aussie Timbers to discover just why we are Nerang’s preferred cladding and lining suppliers. Call us on (07) 5596 3636.




Pre Primed/Lining/Cladding
All prices include GST
Subject to availability

Handrail Pre Primed

Ladies Waist $81.00 /5.4
Bread Loaf $81.00 /5.4
Bottom Rail $48.60 /5.4
62 x 19 $20.50 /5.4
88 x 88 $23.95 /lm


Fascia Pre Primed

180 x 25 $13.85/lm
180 x 31 $17.35/lm
230 x 31 $25.00/lm


Pine Lining

133 x 12 302 profile VJ $2.20/lm untreated

$3.25/lm H3LOSP treated

133 x 19 VJ/T&G POA



Weather Boards

150mm H3 T/pine $4.50/lm
175mm H3 Select Grade T/pine $5.75/lm
127 mm cover Chamfer H3 T/Pine $5.75/lm
195mm Western Red Cedar $7.35/lm



2.4 x 1.2 x 12mm Pine non structural $55.00/sheet